The "Compact E-Touch" is a very compact electronic drum (barely wider than an office chair!) And equipped with Mesh skin (nylon mesh) to transcribe all the nuances of games.

This kit offers you 250 drum and percussion sounds, a very complete connectivity, multi-style accompaniment tracks, an integrated metronome; all in all to work efficiently at home but also allow you to play in places where the place is sorely lacking.

Little bonus! The module also works on internal battery (up to 8 hours of autonomy!) ... Let's go crazy! Guitarists are not the only ones who can play on the beach!

The set includes:
- 3 tom pads
- 1 pad snare skin Mesh double sensor (Rimshot function)
- 3 cymbal pads (including Crash and Ride with choke function)
- 1 rack
- 1 bass drum pad (bass drum pedal included)
- 1 hi hat control pedal
- 1 Module
- 1 pair of chopsticks

Module Features:
- Polyphony: 32
- Battery kits: 20 + 10 user
- Accompanying pieces: 20
- Recording function of your performance
- Metronome: 2 Voices, Measures, Intervals, Volume
- Independent volume adjustment of drum kits, accompaniment tracks and metronome
- Cymbals with choke function
- Tempo: 35 to 280 BPM
- Display: LED display, 3 digits
- USB port: MIDI (USB 2.0)
- MIDI ports (Din 5 bronchi) In and Out
- Headphone input: Stereo mini jack
- Aux in: Stereo mini jack
- Output: 2 Standard Mono
- Power supply: 12V DC included

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